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Nam Phat Import Export Investment Co., Ltd - was established in 2017 by a team of enthusiastic leaders, with a vision to conquer the packaging production and export market, always towards environmental friendliness. & ensure human health.

Over 3 years of operation, the company has been designing, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of products: net bags, woven PP bags, pineapple sacks, industrial sewing thread ... for packaging. products in the fields of industrial production, food, additives, fertilizers, animal feed, agricultural products ...

Always looking for quality, safe products, with the goal of sustainable development, meeting the packaging needs of consumers, domestic enterprises and exports, Nam Phat's packaging brand is constantly improving. advancing, investing in advanced machinery - equipment, manufacturing packaging on modern automatic processing lines and a team of technicians, highly skilled workers, experienced ... ensure the operation and the fastest and most accurate production.

The company also focuses on high quality verified input materials; ceaselessly innovating to design diverse, beautiful, attractive, impressive packaging designs ... in order to create real value products to use & promote the brand, reduce costs, at the same time Delivery on time committed.

In particular, when there is a need to buy goods or place an order on request at Nam Phat Packaging Company, customers will be consulted specifically about the product in accordance with the needs of use, production materials, price. reasonable ... so that customers can consider and confidently make their decisions.

Although being established not long ago, with the efforts and relentless efforts, Nam Phat Import Export Investment Co., Ltd. has built a prestigious brand name in the Vietnamese market in the field of packaging production and supply. have a firm foothold in the hearts of consumers.

Accompanying with Nam Phat packaging brand, raising the slogan "Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods", with the trust of customers, the company hopes to increasingly improve and create high quality products. reasonable price, professional service, meeting quality standards requirements and meeting export schedule.

"Nam Phat Packaging - A reliable choice for your packaging needs"

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Product is a good factor to decide success

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We offer quality products but at reasonable prices

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Your satisfaction is the motivation that helps us improve every day

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