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Paper packaging is an indispensable product in our daily lives. This product is quite useful and environmentally friendly. Find out about paper packaging with Nam Phat!

I. What is paper packaging?

- Paper packaging is a packaging product made of paper material quite popular on the market today. This type of packaging is used to pack, store and transport goods, helping to store and protect the product inside due to the impact of transportation. Currently, this type of packaging is interested in investing in designing new and beautiful models and adding branding functions.

II. Paper packaging production process

- Raw materials for packaging paper are roll paper. Paper will be put into corrugated machine to make sheet paper (semi-finished paper).

- The semi-finished paper will then be put into the printer the necessary information to form a semi-finished paper 2 at this stage, usually using flexo printing method.

- Paper after printing will be put into stamping and slot machines to form the finished carton.

- Finished carton boards will be stapled and carton sealing machines will create finished carton packages

- Finally, it will be checked for quality before being delivered to customers.

III. Common types of paper packaging

- Premium paper packaging: Mainly used in dairy industry with high technical standards because milk is an expensive food but it is easy to be fermented, damaged if not packaged and protected by a multi-layer packaging with strict standards is difficult to preserve products in accordance with the requirements of the milk manufacturers, also because of such stringent technical requirements, so the market share of the product type This in Vietnam is in the hands of two leading leading packaging enterprises, Tetra Pak of Sweden and Combibloc of Germany.

- Paper carton packaging: This is the largest segment of the product types of paper packaging, carton type packaging appears popular and rich throughout industries, agriculture, industries. Fast consumption like food industry, beverage industry, etc.

- Paper box packaging: This is a segment smaller than carton paper packaging but it is a segment with a multitude of diverse categories to meet the needs and diverse tastes of users, with the production process. complicated from the stages of printing, papermaking, closing, creating boxes to meet the modern packaging stages of product packaging lines, this segment appears popular in familiar consumer goods. belonging to daily life like confectionery, tea industry, coffee ....

- 3-5-layer kraft paper packaging: This is a quite specific product line used in some basic industries such as cement, chemicals, construction, used for flour, fried flour ... in the industry. Food with a capacity of about 10-50kg.

- PP plastic kraft paper packaging (KP packaging): Similar to 3-5-layer kraft paper packaging, but this is a new type of packaging with PP plastic with superior features: Being strong and firm helps to preserve the product better and easier to transport, due to its durability, the number of layers of material is greatly reduced, thereby significantly reducing costs for 3-5 kraft paper packaging types. traditional class.

- Paper packaging (kraft, ford, couche) offset printing with PP plastic: this is a quite special product line in the field of paper packaging, more correctly, this type of packaging is a hybrid product between paper packaging and plastic packaging, in the field of plastic packaging, to create an eye-catching packaging product, people often use gravure printing technology to print directly onto a material called BOPP, but printing technology. copper pipes need to spend a large initial cost to invest in the printing axis (molds), kraft paper packaging offset printing is a significant alternative to not invest in the printing axis costs, instead of print directly on BOPP, we can use Ford paper or Couche paper to replace and print by offset technology (the investment cost of offset printing is 20 times cheaper than the investment cost. gravure printing tubes), however, because they must be used according to intermediate paper materials, so with similar quality, this type of packaging has a higher price.

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