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PE plastic bags are popular packaging products that are easy to produce today and especially with many printing options to help attract customers to promote the brand ... so today, PE plastic bags are still many people priority, choose to use.

1. What is the concept of PE plastic bag?

PE plastic bag is produced by polypropylene plastic (abbreviated as PE) with opaque white color or opaque color it is also known as pe plastic bag, inner PE bag. This is the most popular packaging type today, fast production time, low cost, many styles, sizes and colors to choose from. Depending on customer needs, it is possible to produce PE plastic bags with diverse designs and printing on request.
PE plastic bags are recognized to offer many outstanding advantages with high water resistance, effective chemical resistance and also withstand heavy loads.

2. Product information of PE plastic bags

- Production materials: LDPE, Polyethylene (PE), LLDPE 100% zin ... .
Size: Available in size or custom-made.
- Color: Clear white or according to customer requirements.
- Characteristics: Durable, tough, soft, waterproof, non-conductive, non-thermal conductive, waterproof against grease. Note damaged when in contact with aromatic essential oils or detergents such as Alcool, Acetone, H2O2.
- Sample design and printing: According to customer requirements.
- The normal thickness of the product bag PE: 50 - 200 mic.
- Bearing capacity: According to customer requirements.
- Production form: PE plastic bags are blown in the form of tubes and rolled up to the respective core sizes, customers require long cutting as required, bottom welding or not. Large PE bags are mainly used in 1-ton Jumbo bags, covering goods, ...

2. Characteristics and properties of PE plastic bag

a. About the characteristics of PE plastic bags

The PE plastic bag line is made from polypropylene plastic, providing durability, difficult to tear. Moreover, the bag made from this material is also appreciated for its anti-static, anti-light, anti-ultraviolet properties ... So it is widely used in document storage as well as artwork.
In addition, the PE plastic bag is resistant to chemicals and oils; Therefore, we can use bags in places where chemicals often come into contact such as industrial parks, factories or used to store medical waste, in the laboratory ...

b. About the properties of PE bags

PE plastic bags possess 6 properties as follows:
Chemical resistance: Polypropylene has been found to provide very high chemical resistance.
High tensile strength: Although the bag is quite light, it has high ductility and durability, and can withstand heavy loads.
Water absorption: PE bags will not be waterproof. Many tests show that, soaking PE bag in water for 24 hours, it only absorbs more than 0.01% of its weight in water. This makes PE bags the material for completely submerged products.
Operating Temperature: Recommended maximum temperature around 82 degrees Celsius.
- Heat resistance: The bag will melt at a temperature from 120 degrees C to 180 degrees C.

3. Should use PE plastic bag to store food

This is a question that many people are concerned about because they are worried that using plastic bags will not be as safe as paper bags. In fact, most PE plastic bags are safe for food (including vegetables, cereals ...). However, due to the slower decomposition time of waste, it cannot be used to heat it in the microwave ... so you can use it instead of paper bags.
In some cases, paper bags cannot meet the needs of consumers because in addition to being friendly with the environment, paper bags are not waterproof, chemically fast and can not withstand heavy loads ... You are required to use a PE plastic bag

4. Classification of PE bags

There are many ways to classify PE plastic bags, but below, Nam Phat Plastic would like to advise you on how to classify based on the appearance. Specifically, PE bags will be divided into the following categories:

a. PE die-cut bag: Perforated bag

Die-cut bags (also known as perforated bags) are PE plastic bags with flat bottom or vertical bottom. Near the top of the bag will be stamped and perforated in the shape of a mango seed, just enough to be inserted into four adult fingers.
The purpose of this perforated bag is to aid in the convenient carrying of carrying bags. With this line of bags it is widely used in systems, markets, clothing stores, supermarkets ...

b. PE plastic bag with two straps: T-shirt bag

This is a bag designed with 2 handles for carrying; thin, transparent and available in many colors such as white, blue, black, yellow, red, purple, pink.
Small sized bags designed to hold small goods. As for the larger T-shirt bags, it can be used to store goods or medical waste, household waste ...

c. Inner PE nylon bag: Glass bag

Plain plastic bags are in many places called cellophane bags. The product is manufactured with a smooth, flat surface, without handles. Its upper mouth is sealed through heat welding or wire fastening. Usually cellophane bags are used to store umbrellas, tea, dried seeds ... And thick bags are used to store and preserve her.

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