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Nowadays, inflatable bags and foam bags are increasingly being used to pack goods. With increasing demand, the companies producing air-bubble bags, burst foam bags were born more and more quickly. Join us to discover information about air foam bags and a reputable air bag manufacturer!

1. Explosive foam bag, foam bag is what?

Air-bubble bags, explosion-proof foam bags are extremely effective shock-absorbing membranes that are very popular today. Foam bags can minimize scratches and damage when there is a strong impact, helping to reduce damage to products protected inside the foam. This product is specialized for the packaging of electronic products and components, industrial goods.
Some types of foam products are used and exist in the market today such as:
2-layer foam bag: consists of one side containing 10mm diameter air bubble bags and one flat plastic, this is the most popular type on the market today. 2-layer foam products can be divided into pieces, cut and pasted into air-bubble bags covering electronic components, goods, and small products.
3-layer foam bag: consists of two layers of air bubble bags in the middle, and outside is two flat plastic layers. This is a special product, rarely on the market, often used as an insulation material for air bags such as P1 P2, A1, A2 airbag insulation ... In addition it can also be collage and paste into a bag. for packaging small products.

2. How to identify quality air foam bag, explosion foam bag

The first feature to identify the air-bubble bag, the burst-bubble bag is the air-bubble particles about 10mm in diameter spread evenly on one side of this product. These gas particles can be made with a circle, heart shape, square ... if squeezed hard with your hand can create quite interesting click sounds, so it also has a common name. is an explosive foam membrane.
The sponge bag is usually white because it is made from LDPE virgin plastic, if the slightly opaque roll turns to opaque white, the customer should pay attention because this type is often poor quality due to the addition of recycled plastic. In addition, the film is also available in pink, red, and green foam rolls if the customer asks the manufacturer to mix colors for classification, usually an anti-static foam, specialized for wrapping and packaging electronics.

3. The company produces air foam bags, explosion foam bags

Currently, on the market, there are more and more diversified units of producing air-bubble bags and explosive foam bags. However, to ensure the best quality products, you need to choose a reputable unit. Nam Phat, with many years of experience in the production of plastic packaging, will be a guarantee for customers to trust. We, with a team of professional staff and modern equipment, will help bring the best quality products to consumers. Especially, our prices are always the most suitable for customers.
Dear friends, so you do not need to worry about finding a reputable foam bag and foam bag manufacturer. Need consulting support and ordering please contact us immediately!

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