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As we all know, today's environment is increasingly polluted. Everyday people have used a lot of packaging and discharged to the environment, making pollution more and more serious. Therefore, self-destructing plastic bags have been launched, contributing to environmental protection. Let's find out more about this product!


 Biodegradable bags are released from organic materials such as wheat flour, corn starch, bagasse, coconut fiber, ... When discharged into the natural environment, under the action of microorganisms, this bag will transfer. It turns into easily soluble organic matter or carbonic, water, inorganic minerals, etc. Therefore, it does not pollute like the common plastic bags. As a result, the application of self-destructing plastic bags is increasingly widespread in everyday life.


- Self-destruction slippery bags, smooth, thick

- The superiority of this type of bag is that it can destroy itself in the natural environment after about 2–4 months. Also common plastic bags generally take 500–1000 years to decompose completely. At the same time, it also security for the health of users.

- Prices are higher than regular plastic bags

- Biodegradable bag packaging products are more expensive than normal plastic bags due to the more complicated manufacturing process and materials.

- The self-destruct process

Biodegradable packaging has a process of decomposition through two stages: first the molecules of the plastic film are stretched, become hard and decay into microscopic debris due to the effects of nature such as surface light. Heaven, oxygen, temperature ... then continue to convert into carbonic, water and organic matter, biomass absorbed by microorganisms and all these components will integrate into the environment according to the process. natural biology.


- Short decomposition time, an average of 6 months - 2 years or longer, depending on environmental conditions.

- After decomposing, release organic substances which are easy to dissolve in water, soil will not harm the environment and be convenient for waste treatment.

- Biodegradable bags can be used in the home, industrial waste, medical waste or for shopping, product packaging. Especially biodegradable packaging is used as agricultural films.

- When using this type of self-destruct packaging, there will be no more stages of picking, sorting, washing and recycling. This limits many environmental pollutants.


- Step 1: Mix ingredients

The raw materials to produce plastic bags are put into the mixer including primary plastic particles (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE), colored particles (producing colorful bags), additives, starch. For biodegradable bags used for agriculture will be added additives against UV protection to protect the plastic from ultraviolet radiation.

- Step 2: Blowing film

After mixing, the materials are processed into liquid form at high temperature. The mixture is blown in the form of a tube filled with air from the air stream, then blown a coil. This is an extremely important step, requiring skilled workers with experience and skills because it can affect the film's strength, thickness and transparency.

- Step 3: Print

Printing is an important step to assess the production capacity of a business. This step is mainly for companies, brand names, product information. Thanh Luan Packaging Company with a modern printer system, imported from abroad, advanced printing techniques has directly produced and printed packaging products. Supplying to many partners, domestic customers and exported to foreign countries.

- Step 4: Cutting and welding

In order to produce different types of packaging, plastic bags we need to put in the cutter. Depending on the cutting machine, different types of bag straps are available: foam bags, rigid straps, staple straps, soft straps, etc. During the heat cutting and welding process, the temperature and speed of the cutter will determine the strength of the machine. heat mount part. Excess bags after cutting will be reused by the company, reducing waste to the environment.

- Step 5: Creating finished products and packaging

After the above steps, the product bag is packed on demand and shipped to customers.

Buy biodegradable bags where?
- Many of you are wondering where to buy self-destruct bags to ensure quality. At present, many addresses were born to produce this product line. However, it is necessary to select the production address from the standard material and process to ensure the product can decompose in the shortest possible time. Nam Phat we are a prestigious address in the market with the best quality products. Need support and order you can contact us immediately.

- With the information above hope to help you better understand biodegradable biological bags. Please choose the product to contribute to environmental protection!

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