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You are wishing to buy air foam bags to use. So do you understand as well as some popular air foam bags in the market? The content is presented in the article below we hope that will help you find the correct answer regarding the air bubble bag.

1. What is air foam bag?

Air-bubble bags are air-foam rolls or air-foam membranes. It is a plastic that contains round bubbles and can be squeezed with your hands to create crackling noises. People use air foam for packaging popularly for products, especially for express delivery, fragile delivery, and electronic components. Thanks to the air foam will help protect the product from being broken or scratched during use.

2. Some of the most popular air-bubble membranes and air-foam bags today

Currently on the market there are many different types of air-bubble membranes, air-bubble bags and we would like to be divided into several types as follows:

a. Type of air foam in rolls

With the type of air foam in rolls, it is divided into widths from 50cm or 1m2 or 1m5.
- Type 50cm wide and 100m long: This is a small air-roll sponge film suitable for the needs of packaging small size products such as cosmetic stores, watches, leather wallets, bags ...
- Type of air sponge coil 1m2: The width of this air foam gauge will be 1m2 and the length is 100m. It is curled inside a plastic bag and the diameter of the roll will be 60cm. Usually it weighs around 6.5 to 7kg and if requested by the customer, it can be produced with a roll weighing 8kg, 9kg or 10kg / roll.
- Type 1m5 air foam coil: This is a foam with a width of 1m5 and a length of 100m. It is rolled up inside a sealed plastic bag with a diameter of 60cm and its weight is common between 8 and 8.5kg. In addition, you can order to weigh 9kg, 10kg, 11kg, 12kg ... Make sure that the air balloon is evenly stretched and does not collapse even though the air is squeezed.

b. Air-bubble type of pocket

With pocket-shaped air foam, it is cut from rolls into small pieces and then glued into bags of different specifications and types. Depending on the purpose of use as well as the size of the product, the customer will design a suitable air foam bag. Some of the most popular sizes are 10cm wide, 15cm wide, 20cm long are 20cm long or 25cm wide and 30cm long ...

c. Air porous type plate type

With sheet air foam it is pre-cut for convenient industrial packaging. Ensuring that helps to save packaging time. Usually in the form of air foam it is lined at the bottom of the box or carton or wrapped inside foam or other paper packaging. Depending on the size of the outer packaging or the product, we can cut the gas foam into square or rectangular plate accordingly.

d. Anti-static gas foam type

With anti-static gas foam film it will be pink, blue, red. And this is a specialized type for the purpose of wrapping, lining or packaging industrial electronic goods. During the manufacturing process, this porous membrane will be added with an antistatic agent.

e. Air porous type 3 to 5 layers

Finally, with 3- to 5-layer or 7-layer gas foam, it is evaluated for its advantages of insulation. It consists of many layers of air bags pressed together and coated with 2 outer aluminum sides to insulate, keep warm, resist heat well ... This type is often used in construction of factories or farms, housing projects. ...

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3. What to note when choosing to buy air foam bags, gas foam membranes

On the market, there are many locations that provide poor quality gas foam and gas foam. We just need to use your hand to squeeze with light force, the balloon will burst or collapse. That is because manufacturers deliberately reduce quality in order to lower costs. But it is this that makes the product inside the air porous layer the best unprotected. Or must use multiple layers to protect the product.
Therefore, to ensure the interests of customers when buying, we need to note a number of things as follows:
- Should check the strength of air bubbles by squeezing hard.
- Can check air bubbles visually. The air bubble coil will not be fluffy and the balloon will not collapse.
- The color ensures white in nature. If you see a cloudy color, be careful because it can be a product made from recycled plastic, so the product is very less durable.
- It is necessary to ensure the correct weight and dimensions according to the given requirements.
- Buying air-bubble bags, you need to check the correct size and whether the adhesive edge is easy to come off or not.
- Need to find the address of a reputable gas foam manufacturer with many years of experience. And now, Nam Phat Plastic is the address that provides quality air-foam that is selected by a large number of customers nationwide. Make sure that the air bubbles the company produces are of high quality, rigorously tested before being delivered to the customer. Moreover the price is also affordable and clear. The more customers buy, the more attractive incentives are attached.
So the entire content presented above of the article we have helped you better understand air porosity as well as some of the most popular types of air-bubble films on the market. All related needs need advice, please contact Nam Phat Plastic for more detailed answers!

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