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Zip bags are our everyday product. Join us to learn what is the concept of zipper bags and the use and structure of zipper bags through the following article.

1. What is zipper bag?

The main Zipper bag is a bag designed in a plastic or paper form with a mouth lock with simple edge clawing. In addition, it is also appreciated for its durability, flexibility and convenience to use. Make sure that using the Zipper bag will give you the most convenience when using.

2. Uses of zipper bags

Talking about the uses, the Zipper bags are many, typically we can mention as follows:

First: Food preservation

Using a Zipper bag will help preserve all kinds of fresh or dried foods. Thanks to the bag, the dish will not be exposed to light or air, the impact of moisture for a longer shelf life.

Second: Preserve small size products

With small sized products such as electronic components, the Zipper bag will be an indispensable companion. It will avoid frequent misplacement extremely effectively.

Third: Convenience drinks

With the Zipper bag, it can hold all the liquids that we are absolutely not afraid of spilling out during the move. In addition, many people also share that with the Zipper bag there are many funny pictures to help people get more delicious when drinking.

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Fourth: Strong branding

Finally, using Zipper also helps you to print logo, slogan ... on top. This is a strong promotion strategy to let customers know our brand more. Only a small bag but has contributed to raising the level and effective corporate image.

3. Structure of zipper pouch

Although the Zipper bag belongs to the plastic packaging line, it has a component composition with some differences. Usually its bottom is designed in a vertical form and is made from the main material that is PE plastic. This material is odorless, colorless, flexible, highly durable, has good water insulation ... so it makes the Zipper bag more durable.

The most special feature of the Zipper bag compared to other types of bags is that it has a pocket lock. This creates the discreetness and completely insulates the product inside the same external environment. Moreover, we can also drain the air inside and lock the bag to create a vacuum environment for better food preservation.

4. Classification of Zipper bags

There are a variety of different Zipper bags. We can look at some basic types of bags such as:

First: Silver Zipper bag

This is a multi-layered bag and it has aluminum foil with Mentalize. This component is the packaging film and undergoes the process of plating a thin metal layer such as chromium, aluminum or nickel ... to create.

Zipper bags with silver color are used the most. Because this line of bags helps to prevent air, hardness, moisture and retain heat as well as ensure food hygiene and safety.

Second: Paper Zipper Bag

This type of bag is composed of paper outside and inside the core is a direct aluminum coating on the PE film. Because of the metal film, the Zipper bag can prevent odors, moisture and the air. But note that with the Zipper paper bag it is only used for dry food and cannot hold drinks.

Currently, the Zipper bag is divided into 2 lines, which are completely paper bags and paper bags with 1 square cell with cellophane material.

Third: Zipper handle bag

This is a Zipper bag designed with mango cartoon hole with large size about 25x30cm or 25x32cm if the bag is included. Thanks to the handle design, the user is more convenient to carry things around.

Fourth: Food Zipper Bags

Finally, this bag is manufactured from high quality plastic and undergoes careful handling for the safety of the user. It will protect fresh fruit, food and avoid impacts such as light, air, humidity ... to keep vegetables and fruits fresh.

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